Need to sort, identify and disperse the contents of the house, garage and sheds?


Estate Management Assistant Services can make the sorting, identifying and dispersing of the contents of a home easier for you.
Families and beneficiaries are given a hand, particularly if they find the task daunting and do not know where to begin. Perhaps they have just run out of energy and want someone else to finish the job.
Everything is sorted and identified according to the needs of the estate.
You are kept informed with the progress of the work.
The property and contents will be protected from uninvited visitors while we’re there.
You will be notified when any cash or valuables are located and they will be kept secure and delivered to you or your offices.
Important legal, financial and personal documents and papers found will be delivered to you or your offices
Discretion and confidentiality are assured at all times.
All practical services are co-ordinated – rubbish removal, cleaning, gardening, auction houses, storage and any other services required.
We have over 35 years experience and have developed effective systems to assist with the practical aspects of managing an estate.
Find out how Estate Management Assistant Services (EMAS) can make this job easier for you and any family members or beneficiaries.