Our services include...............................

  • Initial inspection
  • Sorting items for disposal, auction and donation to charity
  • Liaising with auction houses and charitable associations
  • Liaising with real estate companies and government departments
  • Property pre-sale preparation
  • Protection of treasures and memorabilia
  • Spring cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Assistance with relocation
  • Sorting belongings suitable for Aged Care facility relocation
  • Sorting personal papers and documents
  • Search for cash and important documents, eg Certificate of Title, Will
  • Listing jewellery, treasures and memorabilia
  • Packing
  • Storing items for later use or decision-making
  • Shipping items to family members interstate or overseas
  • Decluttering home for return to residence or pre-sale of property
  • Cleaning  or spring cleaning property
  • Arranging maintenance requirements
  • Gardening
  • Packing for storage, auction or long and short distance hauls.
  • Storing items for later use or decision-making
  • Cleaning properties, various conditions up to pathological
  • Clearing properties
  • Arranging maintenance requirements
  • Removal of rubbish and dump bins
  • Providing safe living environments
  • Reorganising contents
  • Removal of rubbish and dump bins 
  • Final inspection
  • Full written report on the services we have provided                                      and more.............please scroll down 

 Hoarding is becoming a much more prevalent problem in our society today. We tackle these situations for Councils and all other clients requesting assistance. On some occasions the tenant remains on site to assist in reorganizing their belongings but in most cases the EMAS team removes the offending excess possessions and rubbish in the tenant’s absence.  We are happy to work in a variety of situations provided safety standards are considered.

Aged Care Relocations
There comes a time in everyone’s life when it becomes too challenging to take care of oneself. When the time comes to move to an aged care facility, such as a retirement home, retirement village, hostel care or nursing home, it can be a very emotional time for the person moving, their family and friends. There are so many things to prepare and organise. EMAS can coordinate the whole job for you.
Do you:
    • have cupboards and drawers that you are scared to open?
    • feel like you never have enough space?
    • think about organising your space but dread the thought?
    • fantasise about having a decluttered and organised home?
By recognising that you are ready for change, you’ve already made the first step.
Deceased Estates
Has a family member, friend or client sadly passed away?
Are you the one with the daunting task of organising their affairs?
We have the answer to your concerns. 
EMAS works with families, individuals and executor of wills to relieve you of all physical and emotional work involved in deciding what to do with a deceased person’s belongings.
We can have the premises organised and vacated to your requirements, whether it is for sale, rental or bond retrieval.