EMAS to the rescue!

“Did you hear that John has been in hospital and is not coming home. He has gone into residential care, to that nursing home not far from the City. His family will be selling his house.”


That’s a surprise. I know he was struggling but I wasn’t aware that he was not coming back. Now the fun part will start for his family. They will have to clear the house out ready for sale I suppose.”


“Actually that is all taken care of already. I was amazed. Apparently the family contacted a company called Estate Management Assistant Services, I think they call themselves EMAS, and they came in and did everything. They sorted through all his clothes, linen, kitchen stuff, the lounge with all its ornaments – everything. They even sorted through his cupboards and found all his documents and papers and packed them into a separate box and made an inventory of its contents so the family knew exactly what was in it.”


“What about his garage and the garden?”


“They did all that too. They had a mini skip in the driveway and put all the rubbish into that. They put all the stuff which was able to be taken to a charity into garbags and delivered that to the charity and the things that John wanted to be given to each of the family members were boxed up and marked so that they were easily identifiable for the family. They were put into a secure storage unit at Thebarton until the family have the time to go through it. They would have delivered it to the family but with them all working they didn’t have time to go through things just now but will do that during their holidays.  EMAS organized the cleaning of the home after all John’s things were removed and had the garden all spruced up – it now looks a picture and I am sure it will sell really quickly. They even got some maintenance people in to fix up the leaking taps and check the hot water service which was a bit dodgy after all the years he was there.” 


“Gosh I wish I had known about this company when I had to do all the clearing out of the house when Auntie Bett died. I spent every weekend for about 2 months going over there and doing as much as I could. It is such a huge job.”


“That’s what I couldn’t believe. This group of people – there were 4 of them – came in one morning and by 10.30 the next morning the house was empty and there wasn’t a sign they had been there. Even the dump bin was removed. Unbelievable!”